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What's Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest — brought to you by DigitalOcean in partnership with DEV — is a month-long celebration of open source software. Maintainers are invited to guide would-be contributors toward issues that will help move the project forward, and contributors get the opportunity to give back to both projects they like and others they've just discovered. No contribution is too small — bug fixes and documentation updates are valid ways of participating.

Can't make it to this event? Hacktoberfest is virtual and open to participants from around the globe. Sign up to participate today at Hacktoberfest.


Introduction to Open Source
2nd Oct 10am - 12 noon
Open source is a revolution. A lot of production grade softwares and libraries are openly available in the internet for anyone to read and contribute to.

An introduction session to clear all your What? Why? & How? about Open Source, and the benefits of collaborating with one.
Git and Your 1st PR
2nd Oct 2pm - 5pm
Git is a very powerful and most widely used version control system. You cannot undermine its significance in large projects. It's an indispensable tool for a programmer to learn.

An introduction session to git and make your First PR to Open Source towards a way closer to Swags.
Hack your way for Swags
1st-31st Oct, 2019
Register at Hacktoberfest-19, Grab some coffee and start making pull request to your favorite repositories.
Complete 4 PRs and become eligible for a limited edition T-Shirt and some cool stickers.

And here you are, at the World of OPEN SOURCE!

Start Contributing Here:

These are some of the open source projects that you can contribute to. These projects are good for first-timers. Also you can search for 'good first issues' in some other public repos. These issues would be easy to solve.